Video Secrets

September 14th, 2010

2 years ago I worked as a cam model for them and quit after some creepy people in my neighborhood found out I was working there. it was really good money and they treated me well.

If you are looking to chat with some live women I would recommend giving them a shot. You won’t find me there any longer, but there are a lot of beautiful, smart women waiting to flirt with you.

Adult Friend Finder – update

June 26th, 2010

One last thing before I go – I hate adult friend finder. way too much going on. their site is a mess and it kills the organizational side of me. I can’t stand being on their site and it makes me unhappy – so I’m not going to finish the experiment I started. Hope you don’t mind. I think I’ll try plenty of fish or one of the other dating sites to see how they are.

Summer activities

June 26th, 2010

Swimming season is in. My oldest son has joined the swim team. Practice every night for about an hour. My youngest son decided not to join at this time, so we have a bit of a break from running from place to place. Early morning meets aside, I love it. I’ve always swam (although not fast) and having my boys taking part in something I love gives me a strong sense of pride.

My wonderfully talented daughter is still taking dance classes. She’s lucky she got my rhythm. My husband couldn’t dance his way out of a wet paper bag. She’s daddy’s little girl. He takes her to most of the dance classes, but I think that has more to do with the hot young teacher than anything else. The teacher is petite and never wears enough clothes. I swear you can see everything when she bends over. Not that I’m complaining.

Our pool is finally open after having some trouble with the pipes and spending a fortune to get them fixed. I’m now back out in my bikini working on my tan :) It’s nice when everyone is out doing their things and I can sit and relax by the pool. so peaceful.

I must say that I like the heat. Skimpy outfits that draw lots of attention. Short skirts and low neck lines always turn me on. Both when I wear them and when other girls do. I’ve never even kissed another girl, but the imagination sure does run wild, especially with the dance instructor. I like to tease my husband about it and we always have the best sex when I do.

My husband and I have been watching a bit more movies from Girlfriends Films. I think he’s trying to get me to make a pass at someone, but that will never happen, except maybe in his wildest dreams.

Got to run, need to get the kids up. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Soccer Try Outs this week!

May 26th, 2010

running around like crazy between the girls and boys soccer try-outs.

I was rushing so much that I didn’t realize that I was wearing way to small workout shorts tonight. When I’m at the gym they are perfect for spinning, running, and everything else. But on the sidelines of a soccer field they are a bit scandalous.

I’d like to say that I looked good, but that was only from behind. coming from the gym, grabbing the kids and heading to the pitch doesn’t leave much time for makeup, hair or anything else.

I didn’t realize I’d be running into so many people. Next time I have to find a spare minute to at least pretend to care about the way I look.

This weekend I’m dropping the girls off at their aunts and the boys with their other aunt for a soccer tournament. Then, my hubby and I are taking a long drive to Virginia beach to meet up with another couple we’ve been friends with for years.

I’m hoping for a lot of flirting, drinking and pictures ;)

AFF doesn’t think this is me :(

May 11th, 2010

I tried uploading this as my default profile picture on adult friend finder for my experiment and it got rejected.

they said it wasn’t me.

for the record, it is me. taken with my iphone by my husband before we went out. The picture is a year or so old. I’m in better shape now thanks to 12th street gym in Philly.

Also, if you see me at the gym please don’t mention you look at my blog, I’ll only have to hurt you. Just admire from afar and keep to yourself. I’m not looking for a date and i don’t think you are funny.

Experiment 1 – Adult Friend Finder

April 1st, 2010

OK, so experiment 1 is going to be Adult Friend Finder.

I did this experiment a few years ago and people really got a kick out of it.

I’m going to sign up, upload some pictures, and see the type of responses I get.

I’ll then post all the best ones here along with tips on what people could have done better to actually get me to respond.

If any of the boys (or girls) actually get me to respond i’ll put that here too!

I <3 my new theme!!!!!!

April 1st, 2010

I seriously love my new theme. It’s called ‘pretty theme’ and the drawing looks just like me!

(ok, well maybe my eyes are a little rounder and my waist is slightly larger)

it really does look like me though and the circles look cute.

Let me now what you think!

sorry boys

April 1st, 2010

Sorry boys (and girls).

I didn’t realize my hosting went down. i’m rebuilding the site now and will have it up and running shortly.

In the meantime please enjoy these MILF related movies